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Created out of a desire to speak freely and stumble through ideas until I learn something—this is a place where radical authenticity and love for conversation lives. Sometimes I worry if people have lost the ability to have open dialogue and consider viewpoints outside of their own, and then I remember why I’m here: to explore culture and society through the lens of self-development, communication, spirituality, and all-encompassing wellness so that we can embrace unity over polarity, or maybe something in between.


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Jenni Adishian: Manifestation, Mindset & Personal Growth

100% BS is joined by a manifestation advisor and mental health advocate who is spearheading the way you can vision your dream life and bring it into...

Lucie Fink: Shifting Health Paradigms & Speaking Up Online

This episode is graced by the digital media maven, Lucie Fink, who opens up about the dynamics of sharing your life online, dealing with life as a...

Aubre Winters: Extreme Ownership, Personal Responsibility, and Fitness

Aubre Winters is a trailblazer in the fitness world as the creator of Sweat Sessions - the virtual studio. She leads with heart, passion, and authenticity as...

Alec Zeck: You Are Free By Virtue of Existing

100% BS is joined by one of the most censored people on the internet and simultaneously, one of the kindest and most compassionate people I’ve ever spoken...

Lindsey Simcik: Creating Balanced and Authentic Relationships

Lindsey Simcik from Almost30 on the pod! This conversation was so very cozy and grounded — covering relationships, becoming heart-led, the ways we can tune up our...

Can You Dance with Dissonance?

The past 2 years have been a time of extreme polarity, discomfort, and most of all, some of the deepest levels of dissonance we've witnessed in ourselves and society. Mark Groves helps us recognize this.


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As I’m sure you know… podcast’s can cover a huge range of topics — so for 100% BS, it really comes down to understanding the way we relate to reality, improving our relationship to self, being open to and navigating all ideas, and simultaneously creating a positive impact on those around us. Like I always say, it starts with YOU! Find me where growth, communication, and wellness + spirituality intersect — I hope to see you there!