Bella Solanot


I’m so glad that we crossed paths. There is something really special that happens when we get a peek into the mind of another — an expansion occurs. It’s utterly fascinating and beautiful. So here’s a peek at my story…


I’ve always been a deeply curious person and in recent years, have become utterly fascinated by life — the ways in which we perceive reality, relate to one another, and keep our minds open despite such comfort and safety in the known. This curiosity is what sparked the urge to find ways to speak, write, and share from my heart and mind — vulnerably, truthfully, and openly.
My work has spanned from film & TV development, marketing for entertainment brands, creating brand partnerships for a YouTube channel with 7 million subscribers, and putting my all into building a business around all things communication, growth, and wellness…
Today, you’ll find me in several corners of the internet sharing digital creations and offerings of what I believe to be a way forward in a sometimes dark, isolating, and divisive world. Bringing vivacity yet sincerity to my audience and the people I work with is what liberates me — mind, body, and soul.
And… I want it to liberate you, too. The goal is to expand, open, and impact. When we share our authenticity with the world, it’s not always going to be liked — and that is actually part of the point: To encourage fellow humans to see beyond the differences and look closer at how we can embrace oneness, just a little bit more.




Finally, I landed on 3 core tenets of “what I do”. There’s a lot in between, but these pillars encapsulate the back bone of my passion, curiosity, and WHY. Bringing self-development, ownership, relationships and connection together with all-encompassing wellness and some spirituality are the focal points of my message.

And of course, all that deep stuff is just a part of what makes me whole! I love to dance, read, spend time with my family, study spiritual texts, learn new things, access my inner child, watch movies with my boyfriend Milan, bake cookies, and sail (ask me about my sailing adventures some time!).

Fun fact - that’s me on the Spotify video cover for this song!

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If You Want To Find Me…

I’m based in Texas, spending time with my family in the Caribbean, and frequently traveling to have a little fun mixed into my work week 😉 I use my voice proudly on my podcast, write essays about consciousness and spirituality on Substack, share unfiltered thoughts on Instagram along with an occasional dance video, and most importantly — constantly strive to guide myself and others into expansion and liberation while enjoying my life, too. Connect with me! I can’t wait to hear from you.